Ecommerce Learning

Get predictive customer analytics

Get the full story on historical sales. Keep a pulse on day-to-day activity. Plan for the future with predictive analytics. With Klaviyo, you have the smarts to improve performance continually, and the smart tools to do it automatically.
Powerful Analytics

Data that tells your success story

Data is powerful—but only if you can find it, understand it, and act on it. With Klaviyo, performance is clear.

Pre-built custom reports answer the marketing questions that matter most. Go beyond vanity metrics and understand what’s driving sales. (Really.)

A cursor selects “SMS revenue by message” while creating a new custom report in Klaviyo
Marketing Benchmarks

Clear, customized data analysis for growth

You can pore over countless best practices without ever finding a helpful yardstick for your business.

With Klaviyo, you get relevant, real-life benchmarks based on real-time data from 265,000+ brands. See how you compare to businesses of your size and scope, and to your overall industry.

You always know what to do to improve. And often, Klaviyo can do it for you. Now that’s smart.

A benchmarks report shows that a brand’s placed order rate is underperforming compared to its peers
Machine Learning

Generate ecommerce revenue

Imagine how smart your marketing would be if you knew next week’s orders, next month’s churn, and next year’s revenue.

It’s no time machine: it’s Klaviyo’s machine learning and predictive analytics.

Send product recommendations at the perfect time. Share discount codes with your big spenders. Focus your efforts where you can get the biggest return.

Klaviyo keeps getting smarter with time, and so does your marketing.

Creating a repeat purchase automation in Klaviyo
Hindsight is 20/20. Now foresight is too.


Draw inspiration from 1,000s of top-performing emails and texts.


Compare your performance, and see how to fix what’s lagging.

Predictive analytics

Forecast a customer’s lifetime value, order date, and churn risk.

Smart Send Time

Send emails and texts at the best time to maximize clicks.

Reports library

Explore your performance from every angle with pre-built reports.

Scheduled reports

Create weekly and monthly reports like clockwork.