Deliver omnichannel marketing on one powerful platform

Empower your data on our unified platform with a built-in database that powers personalized communication. Generate critical insights through machine learning and data analysis to help expand your marketing efforts.
Klaviyo One

A platform built for leading brands

Discover the solution to siloed data with our unified, omnichannel platform. Klaviyo One’s built-in CDP provides remarkable speed and scale, serving as an integral part of the platform’s powerful flexibility across communications, databases, and customer intelligence.

Data Software

Powerful database

The solution to integrating with your entire tech stack, with a robust CDP that allows for precise, multidimensional audience segments based on customer behaviors, preferences, and predictive insights.

  • Flexible data storage and retention
  • Native integrations and flexible APIs for building custom connections
  • Fast, granular segmentation fueled by real-time data
Omnichannel Communications

Multichannel experiences

Build, automate, and personalize brand experiences across channels to grow engagement and revenue, from email and SMS to web and social ads.

  • Highly flexible and customizable automations
  • Webhooks for sending data to other platforms
  • A variety of customizable sign up forms
Machine Learning

Data-driven learning

Make smarter marketing decisions with powerful AI and predictive analytics. Test, optimize, and stay two steps ahead to fuel personalization at scale.

  • Predictive analytics for forecasting customer behavior
  • Benchmarking against brands like yours
  • Cross-channel revenue attribution

Built-in compliance

The Klaviyo One customer platform includes built-in best practices to simplify compliance and provides the flexibility to customize the default settings as needed for every customer.