Extend Klaviyo One’s capabilities even further

Open APIs and a robust developer portal equip teams to build custom integrations that meet your exact business needs.

A flexible, efficient developer experience

Empower your team to unify all your customer data on the platform that prioritizes extensibility, connectivity, and standardization.

The developer portal features:

  • Flexible APIs and SDKs
  • Detailed technical documentation
  • A sample code repository for quick solutions
  • A robust developer forum for additional support
A graphic showing messages sent in Klaviyo's developer portal.

Designed for high availability and throughput

organizations use Klaviyo APIs on a weekly basis
API requests processed per week
tech partners use Klaviyo to support tens of thousands of brands globally

Integrate with your entire tech stack

Build on the platform that brings it all together

Unify customer data

Over 300 integrations are ready to start pulling in data in minutes. Open APIs give developers even more flexibility to connect with custom platforms.

Send data anywhere 

Automate actions on other platforms across your tech stack. With webhooks, you can transfer data from Klaviyo One to other systems in real time.

Simplify account management

Manage multiple domestic or international brands through one or more Klaviyo One accounts, and clone work between accounts as needed.

A graphic shows an automation with the steps leading to a webhook being used.

Implement in weeks

"Klaviyo is one of those rare SaaS providers that not only met but exceeded expectations. We were able to implement with Salesforce Commerce Cloud in weeks instead of months. The support we have received both during and after our implementation has set the standard to which all other SaaS providers will be measured."
Owen Spencer, director of digital applications, Fox Racing
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