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Your resource for every major (and minor) holiday

Download Klaviyo’s free 2023 selling all year calendar, including both federal and more fun US holidays your brand can leverage to drive more revenue, A/B test ideas, and stay top of mind with your customers year-round.

The advanced marketing automation guide

How fast-growing brands automate to scale

Successful marketing automation not only streamlines workflows and marketing tasks and maximizes your team’s efficiency. It also helps you better understand your customers and prospects, and improves those relationships by surfacing more relevant content for them, precisely when they’re most likely to act on it.

The SMS marketing consumer sentiment report

How your brand can win more customers via text

Brands that understand SMS marketing—and how it works best—use it to strategic advantage. We surveyed 1,975 consumers to see how they perceive their relationship with SMS and how you can use this channel to drive sales.

Modern DTC marketing

Set your direct-to-consumer brand up for success

The rumor mill has it wrong: DTC isn’t dead. But you do have to find the right playbook that fits your brand through data, customer conversations, creativity, and constant testing. Download this guide to learn more.

what is dtc marketing
The next transformation in retail is here

Tech stacks built for omnichannel experiences

The digital transformation of the last decade may have been about the move from on-premise to cloud and SaaS technologies, but the next era is here—and it’s about holistic experiences that require not just the collection of accurate customer data, but the activation of it, too.

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More free resources

Get access to our library of downloadable strategy decks, featuring tactics you can implement now, all in a format that is easy to share with your team to get approval, alignment, and then––get going!

Your free RFP Template: 122 questions to ask

Access 100+ questions you can customize to suit your business needs—standardizing your evaluation criteria against a handful of vendors.

The email marketing table stakes guide

Find the best strategies, automations, workflows and more to grow your brand’s profitability through the email marketing channel.

The advanced email marketing playbook

Scalable email marketing tactics to personalize, optimize, and automate your strategy for more revenue, more ROI, and more profitability.

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More benchmark reports

From BFCM and email automation to more specific metrics like abandoned cart, dive on in to Klaviyo's vast database of proprietary metrics.

Email marketing benchmarks by industry for Q422

Dig into these averages across the Klaviyo platform to see where you stand on email open rates, click rates, conversion rates, and revenue per recipient in comparison to your industry’s average.

SMS marketing benchmarks by industry for Q422

If you’re feeling stuck or unprepared for what’s to come, then let this resource be your North Star. Read on to learn how to directly address the ramifications of Apple and Google’s data privacy changes.

The ecommerce email segmentation and automation report

Discover how email segmentation is delivering revenue for more than 150K Klaviyo customers. We crunched the data from more than 1B of their emails to find out.

Ecommerce industry guides

Discover email and SMS marketing best practices, trends, and examples for your unique ecommerce industry.

The CPG ecommerce industry guide for email and SMS

A summary of how the CPG industry has fared since 2020, what challenges are facing these retailers, and what your brand can do about it to come out on top.

The state of email and SMS for the health and beauty industry

Discover trends and benchmarks from the health and beauty industry, as well as examples from leading health and beauty brands.

Your full marketing funnel guide for sporting goods ecommerce

Discover trends, best practices, and benchmarks from the sporting goods industry, as well as examples from leading sporting goods brands.

The state of email marketing and SMS for fashion ecommerce

Discover trends, best practices, and benchmarks from the fashion industry, as well as examples from leading apparel and accessories brands.

Your full marketing funnel guide for your home and garden business

Discover trends, best practices, and benchmarks from the home and garden industry, as well as examples from leading home furnishings brands.
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