Shopify Integration

We’re the go-to customer platform for Shopify businesses

With Klaviyo, it’s shockingly quick and easy to integrate with Shopify for your email and SMS marketing. All it takes is a click.
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Klaviyo and Shopify. Even better together.

There’s a reason we have over a thousand 5-star reviews in Shopify’s app store. The seamless one-click ecommerce integration allows you to sync all your historical and real-time data, so you can stay on top of every interaction people have with your site. With our automated email and SMS messaging, your customers will hear from you when they want (and ought) to be. And that means more revenue for you.

Klaviyo product screen showing that someone can send an email to a customer to repurchase dog food based on their last dog food purchase

use Klaviyo

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Here are a few reasons why.

200+ integrations

Find over 200 pre-built integrations, no code required. Or check out our direct and custom integration options.

Email and SMS

Easily send one-time campaigns for sales and product launches or create automated messaging like abandoned cart flows.

List growth tools

Pre-built forms and consent at checkout make it easy to grow your email and SMS subscriber lists while staying compliant.

Predictive data

Data science that prepares you for future customer behavior, like lifetime value and churn risk. No crystal ball required.

Personalized product recommendations

Easy-to-use, zero-setup product recommendations based on customer purchase history.

Drag-and-drop editor

The intuitive drag-and-drop template editor makes it simple to create—and preview—a customized email or SMS message.

Templates for everything

Behold, the power of pre‑built

These aren’t just any templates—our pre-built templates are created using data-supported best practices to grow your revenue, no code required. Save time (and make your life easier) with templates for:

An email and text marketing messaging for purchasing a Chinese Evergreen plant

One-time email and SMS sends, like product launches or sales

An email and text marketing messaging for purchasing a Chinese Evergreen plant
Get the most out of your Shopify integration