True Classic increases SMS conversion rate by 25% switching from Attentive to Klaviyo

Industry: Apparel and accessoriesPlatform: Shopify


increase in average SMS click through rate after switching from Attentive to Klaviyo


increase in average SMS conversion rate after switching from Attentive to Klaviyo

3 to 1

Consolidated from 3 point solutions to 1 platform for email, SMS, and forms

True Classic began in 2019 with a desire to create soft, perfect fit t-shirts for men at an affordable price. That desire expanded over time to include underwear, hats, socks, activewear, and chinos. Their mission is to build confidence for every man, irrespective of size, weight, or body type, and to always put the customer first. In 2022, True Classic switched from Attentive to Klaviyo to provide an enhanced experience for their customers. 

Learn how Klaviyo increases SMS return on investment for True Classic


True Classic invests heavily in omnichannel advertising across various social media channels, podcasts, direct mail, and TV. Acquiring customers can be expensive, so the team needs a way to create strong, long term relationships with the customers they acquire. To successfully accomplish that, they need to understand how their SMS and email marketing channels are performing. Originally, the team was using Klaviyo for email and Attentive for SMS, but having each channel in a separate system made it difficult to understand how effective each was. True Classic needed its email and SMS marketing managed from one central platform.

Now that we migrated over SMS from Attentive, we’re able to actually do a better job at synchronizing those two very important channels. Instead of sending both an email and SMS, and potentially hitting the same customer twice, now we can actually make sure that all our one-on-one communications are in sync. We’re able to optimize holistically across those two very important channels.

Ben Yahalom, Chief business officer at True Classic


Klaviyo provides True Classic with the tools they need to clearly understand the effectiveness of their email and SMS marketing all in one place. This consolidation provides clear insight into what marketing channels are driving revenue. True Classic can also ensure customers receive only the marketing messages that matter most to them, thanks to segments the team builds based on how customers engage with the brand.

For us, acquisition is all about making sure customers make that first purchase. But if we’re not able to nurture them from a first time purchaser to a loyal customer, the acquisition really doesn’t pay off. The only reason we can acquire those customers and pay as much as we do is because we have a tool like Klaviyo that allows us to continue to build that relationship and ultimately sell more products to those customers without the recurring acquisition cost.

Ben Yahalom, Chief business officer at True Classic


True Classic takes a data-driven approach to all of their marketing. Using Klaviyo’s A/B testing tools, the team tests the most effective subject lines, messages copy, calls-to-action, and times to send messages in an effort to maximize conversion rates and their return on investment.

They bring data from their advertising channels and Shopify into Klaviyo to understand key customer insights including the lifetime value of customers. With this data, they can create a segment of high lifetime value customers, push them into Facebook as an advertising audience, and create a new lookalike audience that will point their advertising at more high value customers.

The migration process from Attentive to Klaviyo was super seamless. Within a few weeks, we were all up and running, and never looked back and we didn’t have any issues with it. The Klaviyo team was phenomenal, really hand holding us throughout the entire process.

Ben Yahalom, Chief business officer at True Classic