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The ecommerce industry is constantly in flux––from algorithm changes on third-party platforms to the latest and greatest marketing channel or tactic, not to mention supply chain woes and thin margins, there's a lot to cover! Dive in to our analysis of the ecommerce industry to help keep your finger on the pulse of the most important changes and updates so your business can stay focused on profitability rather than chasing trends.

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Image shows white font on a poppy and lavender background that reads: The 2023 consumer spending report
Ecommerce industry
Oct 10, 2023
BFCM 2023: the consumer spending report

We asked 3K+ consumers how they feel about the economy, their current spending habits, and where—and how—they plan to shop this holiday season.

Profile photo of author Jax Connelly
Jax Connelly
43min read
Ecommerce industry
Aug 25, 2023
How to scale an ecommerce and retail business

Discover one founder’s journey scaling his alcoholic beverage business, and learn tips for establishing your brand in retail and ecommerce.

Profile photo of author Kaleigh Moore
Kaleigh Moore
11min read
woman packaging a box
Ecommerce industry
Jun 22, 2023
Customer review marketing: boost sales and trust

Learn how customer review marketing can build trust with potential buyers and increase conversion rates across your marketing efforts.

Profile photo of author Tiffany Regaudie
Ecommerce industry
Mar 28, 2023
Is it time to recalibrate your marketing budget? Here’s where ecomm leaders are investing the most—and least—in 2023

Check out this report to learn more about 2023 ecommerce marketing trends, business priorities, growth channels, and learnings.

Profile photo of author Jax Connelly
Jax Connelly
34min read
Ecommerce industry
Mar 21, 2023
Wix x Klaviyo: ready to scale? We’re ready for you. 

Meta description: Learn how integrating Wix with Klaviyo helps ecommerce merchants maximize the impact of their owned marketing channels and their marketing strategy.

Profile photo of author Annie McGreevy
Annie McGreevy
14min read